Eschmer Art

Swiss Contemporary Artist

About painting

Painting is for me a way to express my feelings about the characteristic essentials of human existence. Life feels like to be part in a cabaret, it’s a coming and passing, exuberant joie de vivre and wonderful melancholy, all in cycles, up and down. I love to paint human beings, as they are the main actors in this fantastic spectacle and for me the human being is the greatest mystery of life.

About my technique

I paint with oil colors, sometimes in the old master technique with layers and glazes and sometimes in the alla prima technique. The best brush strokes are the intuitive ones and when chance interferes, and paint behaves in a way that surprises me. I use a very heavy and resistant cotton fabric canvas and stretch the canvas myself. Before I start to paint, I prime it with white or colored gesso.

About myself

I am a self-taught painter. I started to paint after I had spent a few months in Manhattan when I was about 25. I slept at night on the floor of an art show room. It was a great inspiration to look at the art on the walls and I felt the desire to create an art world of my own. When I was back home again, I started to teach myself how to paint. I am a few years older now and a full-time painter and I live and paint in Zurich (Switzerland).


Listening to the sound of the churchbells, 130x170cm