Eschmer Art

Swiss Contemporary Artist

About my paintings

I love to paint people because their essence evokes a deep creative longing within me. When I paint people, I feel like a translator. I translate my feelings about human beings and life into my own personal painting language. Often the feelings are hidden, like words that are on the tip of the tongue and cannot be grasped. By paraphrasing or by simplifying and stylizing, I explore what touches me deeply and reveal it and bring it to light. It is a great motivation for me to find the appropriate formal vocabulary for my paintings to express my innermost feelings.

About my technique

I paint with oil colours, sometimes in the old master technique with layers and glazes or in the alla prima technique. I love the smooth, buttery consistency of the oil colours. I also like their slow drying ability, there's something anachronistic about it that defies our more and more accelerated lives. But what fascinates me most about oil paint is its unique deep, brilliant luminosity..

About my preparation

For the canvas I use a very heavy, resistant fabric, which I prime with white gesso. I assemble the stretcher frame myself. I often ask myself why I go through this whole procedure, because knock all four stretcher bars to exact 90 degrees corners with a hammer takes a lot of intuition and patience, especially with large frames. Stretching the canvas also takes a lot of time and energy. And yet it is an indispensable ritual to lay the foundation for my paintings myself and to know what I am building on.

About myself

During study visits to London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and New York, I continued my education in art history. When I stayed in Manhattan for some months, I slept on a futon in an art showroom and I was surrounded by art works for 24 hours a day. During this time, I began to feel a deep desire to pick up a brush and start to paint myself. Soon after, I taught myself how to paint with oil colours. My feelings and thoughts about human existence, the fragility of life, the coming and passing are the source of inspiration for my creativity. I live and paint in Zurich/Switzerland.


Listening to the sound of the churchbells, 130x170cm