lady-yellow-roses pepitajacke

Lady with yellow roses, 90x130cm
Woman with plaid jacket, 75x110cm
woman-in-blue olga
Woman in blue, 77x110cm Woman in snow forest at night 75x110cm
lady-red-roses man-foulard

Lady with red roses, 90x130cm
Man with moustache, 90x130cm
waitress-white-bonnet maria 
Waitress with white bonnet, 70x110cm Woman with blue cap, 75x110cm
schneiderin woman-bar
Dressmaker, 75x110cm Woman in front of a bar, 90x130cm
menschenraeder  dancing-white-forest
Human wheels, 90x130cm Woman dancing in whithe forest,  90x130cm
yellow-forest black-forest
Dancing woman in yellow forest, 85x120cm Dancing woman in black forest, 90x130cm
woman-villa-billo frau-tramhaltestelle 
Woman in front of Villa, 75x110cm Woman waiting at the tram stop, 66x101cm
mutter mann-kino
Mutter, 90x130cm Mann im Kino, 90x130cm
Pilar Montse
Woman sitting at red table, 90x130cm Woman with dice, 80x115cm
adam-eva trommler
Adam and Eve, 80x120cm Drummer, 85x120cm
wolkenkratzer pope
Man with skyscraper, 75x110cm Pope, 90x130cm
esther-andy zauberer
Bridal couple with cross, 90x130 Magician, 85x120cm
frau-wirbel stefania
Frau im Wirbel, 66x99cm Woman in church Maria sopra Minerve, 80x120cm
tree-life francisco
Women and tree of life, 75x110cm Man in Prado, 70x100cm
sargent pi
Sargent, Woman with red pair of skis, 63x100cm
soutine chignons
Painter in front of slaughtered animal, 70x115cm Woman with chignons lying on the floor, 80x120cm
Man in front of town, 80x110cm The blue umbrella, 71x100cm
petra woman-green-strap-dress
Woman with black cap, 66x102cmn Woman in green strap dress, 70x100cm
Woman on the balcony, 68x103cm